Ultraverse Prime: 90s Goodness Available Now

Ultraverse Prime: 90s Goodness Available Now

A full run of Prime from Malibu Ultraverse has just been added to the store. You can check the collection here or it would be pretty cool if you kept reading since I wrote a blog post and all. 

Malibu Comics, like Image Comics, but kinda lame.

With the success of Image Comics I'm 1992, the independent comic scene exploded. In addition to Image getting mainstream press, Dark Horse, Valiant and Malibu also got plenty of ink in the pages of both Wizard Magazine and Hero Illustrated. 

In 1993, Malibu kicked off their own super hero shared universe, the Ultraverse. At launch there were a handful of titles, including Mantra, Hardcase, and Prototype. Thirteen year old me thought all these comics were super lame and none of my friends cared about them either, so they were all a hard pass.

That cover tho...

As lame as I thought Ultraverse was, I had to give Prime a chance based on the cover art alone. Drawn by the late, great Norm Breyfogle, the cover to issue one is bright, colorful, simple and powerful. It's just a superhero standing there, flexing his muscles but hot damn, it slaps.

To this day, it is one of my top 5 favorite comic covers of all time. I like what I like. Don't judge me. 

Prime was a modern take on Shazam, wherein 8th grader Kevin Green could transform into muscle-bound hero Prime. It was by far my favorite Malibu Ultraverse comic as a kid.

The first dozen issues were illustrated by the late great Norm Breyfogle who was best known for his work on Batman: Shadow of the Bat. After he left the series, the art was wildly inconsistent and the comic just wasn't the same.

The Prime Spider-verse Connection 🕷

In 1996, Malibu was purchased by Marvel for their digital coloring technology. Eventually Marvel killed the series, but they did a Spider-man crossover before it ended (see pics below.)

The crossover came in an issue of Prime Infinity which sported an all black cover... great use of that color technology they purchased 🙄. 

Here's to hoping Prime shows up in Spider-man: No Way Home. Fingers crossed 🤞. 


Prime Spider-man

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