Pitt has been unleashed!

Pitt has been unleashed!

An entire run of Dale Keown's creator owned title, Pitt has been added to the shop. For anyone who grew up in the 90s, you probably know Pitt and have the first few issues as it was just about mandatory reading for any Image Comics fan in 1993. 

Brief History of Pitt

Hot off his Incredible Hulk run, Dale Keown jumped ship from Marvel and joined Image Comics. In January of 1993, he launched the 1st issue of Pitt and it was the most badass thing I'd seen in my life up until then. Pitt was like Hulk with a ponytail, claws and chains! It was amazing. 🤘

If you'd like to learn about Pitt, check out this video by New Sage on YouTube. It's very in-depth and covers the characters and story. 

The comic itself is just ok by any standard. It's a pretty bland story about an alien killing machine who rebels against his maker (an alien named Zoyvod.) Pitt has a human half brother named Timmy, blah blah blah. 

The story is 100% not why I ever cared about Pitt. For me, Pitt is a showcase for Dale Keown's amazing art. Period. The end. 

Wasted Potential

Pitt is a comic that had so much potential but suffered from massive delays which caused most fans of the series to forget it existed. I can remember getting issue one when it was released and then waiting a solid six months for issue two to finally come out. 

The wait between issues of Pitt always made you think whichever issue you were on would be the last. 1993 and 1994 were booming years for Image Comics. By the time a new issue of Pitt was released, it had to compete for your attention with dozens of new Image Comics on the rack.

By the time the fifth or sixth issue of Pitt hit the stands it was already becoming irrelevant to me as a young reader. Unfortunately, the same was true for a lot of readers and print runs began to shrink as orders dropped. 

Full Bleed: original issues or nothing. 

Dale Keown eventually branched out to found Full Bleed where he published Pitt until it ended in 1998 with issue 20. The issues published under the Full Bleed label are still hard to find as they had low print runs. Issues 15 through 20 are especially hard to find. 

A real shame is that Pitt has never been collected into an omnibus or compendium edition, nor is available through Comixology, Kindle, Google Play Books, or any other ebook outlet. I'm sure it can be found online as PDFs somewhere, but it would be great to get this reprinted or in digital form somewhere. 

Until then, these issues are it! So if you want to get ahold of all that sweet Dale Keown goodness, buying the old issues is your only option. 

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