Labor Day Sale Ends Tonight

Labor Day Sale Ends Tonight

My first sale has been a complete smash! It has exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with the results so far. I'd like to thank everyone that has placed orders with the store over the past week as part of this promotion, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏

Next, I'd like to remind everyone that the sale ends tonight at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). So you still have time to get in a last minute order.

By far, the biggest mover during this sale was Amazing Spider-Man, specifically issues drawn by Todd McFarlane. Wow, you folks love some Todd Father 😁. While many of the issues in that particular run have sold out, there are still a handful of Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man issues still available in the Spider-Man collection.

On a related ASM note, a large chunk of Erik Larsen's run is available as well. Including the minor key issue, Amazing Spider-Man #344, which features the 1st appearance of Cletus Kasady who later becomes Carnage. Don't sleep on this issue! 

There are also several Mark Bagley issues still available, including Amazing Spider-Man #365 featuring the 1st appearance of Spider-Man 2099. 

Last week, I added the entire J Scott Campbell run of the Gen 13 ongoing series. For the few people who has asked on social media, no I will not be adding the original limited mini-seriesm as that will stay in my personal collection forever. #Sorrynotsorry

Thanks again for making this promotion such a huge success. Beginning tomorrow, I will be adding even more comics to the site in my effort to get to 500 issues by the end of September.

If there is anything you are looking for and don't see, please email me at

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